• Image of BLACK STAR CANYON The Complete First Season[Paperback]
BLACK STAR CANYON The Complete First Season[Paperback]


By Creep Creepersin

When the mayor of Black Star Canyon, Jonathan Kensington, finds a body of a young woman in the woods, it starts a chain of events that threatens everyone in Black Star Canyon and the future of the town itself. Detectives Lukas and Chaney can’t seem to unravel the mystery fast enough as more towns people continue to be killed, go missing or end up injured. With the help of old Sheriff Reagan and Deputy Sue Callahan, Lukas and Chaney find that these crimes are not only turning the town upside down, but also revealing the secrets of it’s inhabitants. Secrets that most townspeople would do anything to keep hidden. If you liked Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure, American Gothic, Lost or Life on Mars, you will LOVE Black Star Canyon!

Paperback: 354 pages
Author: Creep Creepersin
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014
Language: English