• Image of BLEED [DVD-R]


This is the first time ICON's Bleed has been released to DVD

Loaded with extras: 3 shorts films:

- Remembrance!

- To Live Is To Die

- Broken Tomorrow

The future for motion pictures is not in Hollywood, but in Tampa Bay. Chris Woods, a graduate of The University of Tampa and Indy Filmmaker will be releasing his first feature length film entitled "Bleed" which is a mocumentary of a series of murders happening on a fictional college campus in Tampa. A police detective discovers that the murders are copies of killing scenes done on a local cable access horror series called "Creeping Death." Two young college women are also following the case and documenting ever moment of it. As they get closer and closer to the killer the story grows more bizarre then you can ever imagine.

2002 / DVD-R / 75 min