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Devils' Sleep


Sold Out

Innocent youth trapped in a hopped-up hell.

The head of an illegal drug ring uses a women's health spa as a front for his sleeping pill racket.

1949 - DVD 79 min. USA/English

Director: W. Merle Connell
Producer: George Weiss; Manek Anklesaria
Writer: Danny Arnold; Richard S. McMahan
Cinematography: William C. Thompson

Timothy Farrell Umberto Scalli
John Mitchum Doctor
Lita Grey Judge Rosalind Ballentine
William Thomason Detective Sergeant Dave Kerrigan
Tracy Lynne Margie Ballantine
George Eiferman George Eiferman
Laura Travers Jerri Wilson
Bob Lenihan Frankie Clinton
Fred Smith Tony Donardi
Jim Tyde Bob Winter
Stan Freed Hal Holmes
Will Charles The Inspector
Muriel Gardner Ruby McKenzie
Stan Modic Pug
Mildred Davis Tessie T. Tesse

Edition Details
Distributor Alpha Video Distributors
Region 1
Release Date 26-04-2005
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)