• Image of “Fred Vogel’s August Underground” 2-Disc DVD Set
“Fred Vogel’s August Underground” 2-Disc DVD Set


The sickest film ever made? Find out for yourself with this 2-Disc DVD set.

Imagine walking down the street and finding an unmarked VHS tape. Curiosity peaked, you take it home and pop it in. What starts off as two men screwing around with a video camera quickly transforms into an ultra-realistic torture sequence where the unidentified psychopaths tape their exploits as the torment and violate a woman tied to a chair. The sodomy of your morals continues throughout the entirety of the footage, while subtly revealing the killer’s shattered pasts via the interactions with the victims and each other.

The most shockingly realistic portrait of a serial killer’s existence is Fred Vogel’s August Underground.

An Introduction By Director Fred Vogel
* 67 Minute – Three-Part Documentary
*HAMMER TO THE HEAD A Closer Look At August Underground
*August Underground On Location
*August Underground Behind The Brutality.
*August Underground: Too Real For Comfort, An Outsiders Perspective (102 minutes)
*2 Audio Commentaries:
*Fred Vogel
*Victims Ben and Aaron LaBonte & Director Fred Vogel
*Slide show featuring a song by Poppa Pill “Murderer Livin Next Door”