• Image of Horrors Of Spider Island (Reg.1)
  • Image of Horrors Of Spider Island (Reg.1)
Horrors Of Spider Island (Reg.1)


Eight beautiful women alone with the world's most hideous monster! Eight sexy showgirls and their macho manager survive a plane crash and take refuge on a remote tropical island. As the gals adjust to the heat and humidity by shedding most of their clothes, they also meet one of their new neighbors: a dead scientist found caught in a giant web. Ignoring the obvious, testosterone-fueled Gary blithely takes a midnight stroll until he's bitten by an overgrown, crab-like spider and immediately transforms into a clawed, fanged, hairy-faced bogeyman who does exactly what monsters in horror films are supposed to do: Chase women!

DVD 75 mins. 1969 USA/English

Director Fritz Bottger; Jaime Nolan
Producer Gaston Hakim; Wolfgang C. Hartwig
Writer Fritz Bottger; Eldon Howard

Norma Townes
Barbara Valentine
Donna Vlsike
Alex D'Arcy
Temple Foster
Allen Turner
Alexander D'Arcy Gary Webster
Barbara Valentin Babs
Rainer Brandt Bobby
Harald Maresch Joe
Elfie Wagner Linda
Dorothee Parker Gladys
Helga Franck Georgia
Helga Neuner Ann
Gerry Sammer May

Edition Details
Region 1; NTSC
Release Date 27-11-2003
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Mono [English]
Dolby Digital Stereo [English]