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We´re proud to present this long-lost horror classic. Written by, directed by and starring Marc Lawrence (of From Dusk Til Dawn and The Big Easy fame).

Pigs follows the misadventures of Lynn Hart, a mentally deranged young woman on the run from the law for the murder of her sexually abusive father. With nowhere left to go, Lynn takes a job in a small town diner run by a ghoulish pig farmer, Zambrini, who delights in feeding corpses to his voracious pigs.

Even as Lynn settles in to her small town life, she cannot escape her sexual psychosis, viciously murdering any man that tries to sleep with her. Zambrini, developing a fatherly love for the confused young woman, covers up her savage crimes with the help of his pigs!

With grinderhouse production values that paved the way for The Last House of the Left and The Hills Have Eyes, Pigs is a classic as effective today as it was then!

Troma (1972)
DVD 85 min.

Director: Marc Lawrence; Karl DiPelino
Producer: Michael Baker; Randy Manis
Writer: Karl DiPelino; Chris Ragonetti

Melanie Marden: Gabrielle
Kim Allan: Party Girl
Kelly Cunningham: Wendy
Katharine Jane: Reid Fran
Heidi Rayden Michelle

Edition Details
Distributor Troma
Region Free
Release Date 26-04-2005
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Stereo [English]
Stereo [English]