Razor Blades ‎– Hateful Youth 1982-84 Vinyl LP


Danish Hardcore

from Hateful Youth Tape 1982

A1 Self Defense
A2 Pull Down The Churches
A3 Young Conservatives
A4 Rubber Cock
A5 Darkness Increases
A6 Sometimes
A7 Censorship
A8 Holy For A Day
A9 Little Miss Zero
A10 You Fuck My Heart
A11 Maternal Ambition
A12 Evil But Innocent
A13 Cemetery
A14 Hateful Youth
From "Angst" Compilation Tape 1982
A15 Cops Of Denmark
A16 I'm A Problem
A17 Sleeping Beauty
From Plastic Messiah 7"EP 1984
B1 Plastic Messiah
B2 Precipice
B3 Another Utopia Dream
B4 Human Wreck
B5 Fascist Fantasy
B6 Lust
B7 Another Victim
B8 '68
From "Tomorrow Belongs To Us!!"
Compilation Tape 1982

B9 Sleeping Beauty
B10 Tell Me The Reason Why
B11 They Told Him To
B12 Agents

Label: Arg! RecordsFormat: Vinyl, LP
Country: Denmark
Released: 2009

Vinyl reissue of their "Hateful Youth" demo tape,
"Plastic Messiah" 7"EP
and exclusive tracks from various compilation tapes.

Tracks A1 to A17 recorded on August 7th, 1982.
Tracks B1 to B8 recorded on January 7th, 1984.
Tracks B9 to B12 recorded March/May 1982.

Comes with printed insert and articles on the band.