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She-Devils On Wheels


Sold Out

Sex, guts, blood, and all men are muthers!

The all-girl motorcycle club the Man-Eaters is a swaggering, brutal bunch who like to be in the driver's seat. They race for first pick among the "stud line" that await them at their favorite watering hole, pound a rival hot-rod gang into the ground in a turf war (and then strip them for good measure), and drag a boy-toy behind their chopper until he's a raw, bleeding pile of hamburger. Why? Because one of their number likes him just a little too much.

This wicked, weird, trashy piece of bargain-basement exploitation from gore king Herschell Gordon Lewis (Two Thousand Maniacs) leaves the details of the Man-Eaters' voracious sexual appetites offscreen but puts their bloody and bluntly violent reign of terror front and center, right down to a wild decapitation. After 10 years of filmmaking you'd think he'd develop a little style, but this is as poorly acted, clumsily edited, and utterly primitive as his earlier blood feasts. There's a cool twangy guitar score and a theme song ("Get Off the Road") that has since become a riot grrrl standard. With a little more polish it might pass as surreal, but this simultaneously campy and nihilistic slice of biker rebel hedonism is undeniably bizarre.

DVD 82 min. 1968 USA/English

Director Herschell Gordon Lewis
Producer Herschell Gordon Lewis; Fred M. Sandy
Writer Fred M. Sandy; Allison Louise Downe

Betty Connell Queen
Nancy Lee Noble Honey Pot
Christie Wagner Karen
Pat Poston Whitey
Joani Kramer Russian
Donna Stelzer Supergirl
Donna Testa Poodle
Laura Platz Mac
Sharon Brown Ginger Snap

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Region Free