Sleazy Slice #8 comic anthology


Sold Out

Here it is, the last issue of Sleazy Slice! Eight years goes by in a jiffy, doesn't it? This final issue is the biggest ever issue of Sleazy Slice (72 big pages!) and features lots of my comics -- more pages of Robin Bougie than any other issue of SS, and perhaps that is why I'm there on the cover, as illustrated by Joseph Bergin the 3rd!

The main comic in this one is the second and final part of the Badass Assassin storyline, so be sure you have part one, over in issue #7. I did that comic with Maxine Frank. It turned out great, we're very fond of it! Man, there are so many other goodies in this issue, I don't know where to start! How about the work of Aaron Lange? That's right, one of Robert Crumb's fave cartoonists is in this issue. There is also another fantastic sci-fi comic by SCAR, the only artist aside from myself to be in every single issue of Sleazy Slice! This issue is no different, and again it's fantastic, filthy work.

Other amazing contributors include Dexter Cockburn, and the mysterious "Carl". You won't go home unhappy with this giant tome of sequential muck-making, I'll inform you of that!