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  • Image of Superstarlet A.D.
Superstarlet A.D.


The world has ended. All that is left behind are individual beauty cults, groups of girls seeking safety and identity in numbers. Basing their bond on hair color and giving themselves strangely evocative gang names, the blond Phayrays (King Kong), the brunette Satanas (Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!), and the wicked, redheaded Tempests (as in Storm, the stripper) are constantly battling the brutish cavemen roaming the afterworld ruins and looking for potential dye job converts. Only one group tries to incorporate all follicle factions. They are the Superstarlets.

DVD 90 min. 2000 USA/English

Director: John Michael McCarthy
Producer: Emmy Collins; John Michael McCarthy
Writer: John Michael McCarthy

Kerine Elkins Queen Jezebel
Gina Velour Naomi
Michèle Carr Verona
Rita D'Albert Ultramame
Hugh Brooks
Katherine St. Valentine Valentine
Jim Townsend
Alicja Trout Rachel
Kelly Ball
Jodi Brewer
Kitty Diggins
Dagmar O'Doom Aurora
Katherine Greenwood Velvet
Julie Kilgore Trigger
Claudia Ploderer Rachel Vox

Edition Details
Distributor Troma
Edition Special Edition
Release Date 10-09-2002
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks SUB [English]