• Image of The Driller Killer UNCUT!
  • Image of The Driller Killer UNCUT!
The Driller Killer UNCUT!


1979 DVD 96 min. USA/English

Abel Ferrara's directorial debut is infamous for being banned as a 'video nasty' in the early Eighties. Struggling New York artist Reno is very much down on his luck. His desperate attempts to complete a painting for sale are frustrated by the punk band next door rehearsing 24 hours a day and the activities of his girlfriend and her lesbian lover. Unable to face up to the situation, Reno goes on a murderous rampage, dispatching his victims with an electric drill.

Director - Abel Ferrara
Producer - D.A. Metrov; Rochelle Weisberg
Writer - Nicholas St. John; Nicholas St. John
Cinematography - Ken Kelsch
Musician - Joe Delia

Abel Ferrara - Reno Miller
Carolyn Marz -Carol
Baybi Day - Pamela
Harry Schultz - Dalton Briggs
Alan Wynroth - Landlord
Maria Helhoski - Nun
James O'Hara - Man in Church
Richard Howorth - Stephen
Louis Mascolo - Knife Victim
Tommy Santora - Attacker

Edition Details
Region Free; PAL
Screen Ratio 1.85:1 Non-Anamorphic
Audio Tracks English